Konoba Diva Faustina - Restaurant Lumbarda, Korcula

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Annia Galeria Faustina (100 – 140), more commonly known as Faustina the Elder (Latin: Faustina Major) was a Roman noblewoman from the period of five good emperors, best known as the Roman Empress or Emperor`s Antoninus Pius wife. In the year 138 when Antonin got to the throne on the basis of Hadrian`s will, Faustina had already enjoyed the image of one of the most prominent woman in Rome, which was acquired by the charitable work, care for orphans and the establishment of schools for girls. When she died a few years later Antonin was inconsolable. He declared her the goddess and built a temple in her honor.

In the area where today the family house and the Restaurant Diva Faustina stands many objects from the Roman period were found, including a coin with the image of Diva Faustina and all objects are exhibited in the restaurant’s showcase.

Family restaurant is located by the sea, with a beautiful view from the terrace to the centre of Lumbarda. Gastronomic offer of the Restaurant Diva Faustina has base on the Mediterranean cousin, especially the Dalmatian cuisine, which is not only a tradition, but the lifestyle and passion. The whole experience is enriched with premium wines, especially the autochthonous wine Grk, which is produced only in Lumbarda.

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